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Is debt piling up and overwhelming every aspect of your life? Do you feel you have no financial way out? Bankruptcy may be the answer you are seeking. There are many misconceptions and bad information about filing bankruptcy. If you are drowning in debt, being harassed by collectors or having severe financial problems, call bankruptcy attorney John Ellem to learn what relief you may be eligible for under the US Bankruptcy Code.

Get the tools you need to fight your creditors and utilize your legal rights to protect yourself, your family and everything you have worked your life to achieve. Let Bankruptcy Attorney John Ellem help put you back in control of your life. To learn more about your legal rights fill out our FREE case analysis form or call (304) 424-5297 for a free consultation.

Ellem Law Office is a debt relief agency and can help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

Q. What is consumer bankruptcy?
A. Bankruptcy is a federal law that allows people who owe more debts than they are able to pay to either have some, or all, of those debts eliminated in full or in certain cases to work out a plan to repay them over time.

Q. Do I have to list all of my debts when I file bankruptcy?
A. The law says you have to list all of your debts you owe. However, many people will choose to continue to pay certain debts during and after bankruptcy such as a home loan or a car loan.

Q. Will I lose everything I own if I file for bankruptcy?
A. No. The law allows you to keep some property even though you file bankruptcy. These are known as “exemptions”. Most of our clients are able to keep important things such as their home, cars, retirement accounts and personal possessions.

Q. How long will bankruptcy be on my record?
A. A bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get credit after your case is over.

Q. I have student loans. Is it true that they cannot be wiped out in bankruptcy?
A. While it is true that it is difficult to eliminate student loans in bankruptcy, it can still be possible. You may have options to deal with those loans other than bankruptcy. With student loans at an all time high, this is a fast and constantly changing area of the law. We will review and discuss your unique situation and possible options with you.

Q. Should I feel ashamed or a failure for having to file bankruptcy?
A. No. Many people from all walks of life and all ages find themselves in your position. Often times it is a serious illness or loss of a job that forces people to seek bankruptcy.

Q. How much will a lawyer cost me?
A. Your initial consultation is FREE. The filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is $335.00 while attorney fees are typically no more than $1000 unless there are some complicating factors such as you own an LLC. We do offer discounts to Veterans.