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Injury or Addiction As A Result of Vaping JUUL E-Cigarettes

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Unfortunately, the use of e-cigarettes, like JUUL, is popular among youth. These nicotine containing products can lead to injury and/or addiction. If you are a young adult who started using JUUL e-cigarettes before age 18 or you are the parent of a child who has or is using JUUL e-cigarettes and as a result have become addicted to them or suffered any injury call JUUL vape lawyer, John Ellem to learn more about your legal options. The case review is free, and there are no obligations.

The Who, What, Where and Why of Vaping Injury or Addiction Cases

Who: The popular JUUL vaping devices are made by JUUL Labs, Inc. On about December 28, 2018, a company named Altria (one of the world’s largest cigarette makers) purchased a 35% interest in JUUL. JUUL has the biggest share of the e-cigarette market.

What: Electronic cigarettes, also referred to as e-cigarettes or vapes or JUULs, are devices that have a nicotine containing liquid (often along with an assortment of flavors) and use a battery to produce a vapor that is inhaled. E-Cigarettes have been around for the last 10 years or so and are popular with children as they come in various flavors, look like USB flash drives, and are easily hidden in pockets, backpacks and purses, etc. The slang terms for using these products includes vaping and JUULing.

Where: JUUL devices and pods have been sold in retail stores, on the internet and direct from the manufacturer.

Why: Lawsuits are currently being filed all over the country alleging that JUUL engaged in deceptive practices, that JUUL products are not safe and were specifically targeted to young people.

Because JUUL has only been around for about 10 years much information is still being learned about the harm JUUL products can cause. Studies are showing that JUUL is not a safe alternative to regular cigarettes and that the way they are used often results in delivery of large amounts of nicotine. A May 2019 study by Stanford School of Medicine showed that the liquids in JUULs could increase a person’s risk of heart disease by damaging certain cells that line the inside of blood vessels. Vaping has also been associated with the development of what is known as “popcorn lung” which is a condition where the airways of the lungs have become damaged and inflamed leading to scarring and breathing difficulties. This creates an even more serious problem for children as their bodies and brains are still growing and developing.

If you use JUUL products or other types of e-cigarettes, we urge you to contact your local health department for more information on the risks of these products and how you can get help quitting. E-cigarettes have become very popular but as stated above, they are not a safe alternative to regular cigarettes and continuing research is underway on the dangerous health risks. For additional information visit the webpage on vaping at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young-Adults from the CDC