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Are You A Victim of Solar Panel Fraud?

WV Solar Panel Fraud Lawyer and OH Solar Panel Fraud Lawyer

Have you been deceived by a solar panel company? Solar energy is a growing source of power for both businesses and residential homes. With the right expertise and planning a solar panel system can be a good addition to your home. Unfortunately, thanks to the rapid growth in this area, a few companies choose to cut corners and make promises that they can’t keep or fail to deliver on. In some cases newly installed solar panels fail inspection and never work at all. There are other cases where panels have been installed on the wrong side of a home and are even shaded by trees.

What can you do if you have experienced solar panel fraud? We can help you fight back. We are licensed in both West Virginia and Ohio, so if you feel you have been taken advantage and need a WV solar panel fraud lawyer or an Ohio solar panel fraud lawyer, please call us immediately for a free consultation. Be sure to save any documentation you have, including emails and texts.